Delivery value

Parcel transportation fee

Parcel transportation fee

The value of parcel delivery from Latvia to England and from England to Latvia, depending on the weight of parcel:


Parcel weight Price for 1 kg Delivery value
Up to 20 kg 30 EUR
From 20 кg 1,50 EUR/kg
Over 100 кg Contractual price

Send parcel from Latvia to England

To make application completion for parcel delivery easier, we constantly update the section with ready routes of parcel delivery from Latvia to England. Selecting them you can easily and quickly place an online order, as well as make its payment online.

If the route of your city is not ready yet – send us an online application, by stating your city, and we will quickly execute your order.


Send parcel from England to Latvia

Our website has a section with finished routes for parcel delivery from England, which are also constantly updated and supplemented by new routes.


Send parcel from Latvia to Germany, Poland

Transport Company LatTranzit offers services for parcel delivery to countries located on the way from Latvia to England. Passing trips allow receiving especially advantageous price offer.